A​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​nalyze Royal Bank of Canada in the Canadian business, society and environment. Check the Final EXAM DETAILS PDF properly. file table 6.2 for Q3. I am uploading some word file that can be helpful if you use information from them please cite myself Francesco. It has to be in Essay format, Please check very well the Final Exam Details pdf to make it in the right way. 1. Exam outcomes: apply course learnings to a business. 2. You may continue using the organization from your individual assignment #2; you may reuse some content, as applicable, whilst making improvements – remember to cite and reference your own work. *Alternatively, you may choose an organization from Forbes Canada’s Best Employers 2021 – do not use the same organization as your Team Project. 3. All your answers should reflect your chosen organization. 4. See separately posted Final Exam Grading Rubric. Expectations Professor Fatima Catalan University Canada West 1 – 2 This is an essay that should be written in Word format; students should not just be answering the question or providing bullet points. Write this paper with the assumption that your audience may not understand these concepts. If you provide an opinion, make sure that you state it is your opinion, and support your opinion with examples and research. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, it must have conviction based on experience and fact. **Remember to cite all facts and include in your references. APA7 Submit your individual exam in Word; your report must include the following: a) Title page b) Introduction of the business (abstract, executive summary, and table of contents are not required), b) Questions 1 to 10 (be clear in your title for each section, as to which topic you are writing about), c) Conclusion, and d) References; e) Appendices, Diagrams, and Tables (optional). Q1 Attitudes Toward Business Discuss a minimum of one and maximum of two of the following factors influencing attitudes toward business: 1. Standard of living 2. Allocation of resources 3. Self-interest 4. Business cycle 5. Business wrongdoing 6. Globalization 7. Unemployment 8. Technological innovation 9. Media coverage 10. Government Q2 Stakeholder Analysis Discuss all the following for a minimum of 3 internal, and a minimum of 3 direct and/or indirect external stakeholders: 1. Who are the organization’s stakeholders? 2. What are their stakes? 3. What responsibilities does the organization have to all its stakeholders? 4. What strategies or actions should the organization use to deal with stakeholder challenges and opportunities? Note: table format is acceptable for this question. Q3 Ethical Leadership Choose one of the following: 1. Locate and review the organization’s code of ethics or code of conduct – is it effective, and how much does it al​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​ign with Table 6.2? Refer to the PowerPoint from week 3; discuss. 2. If the organization does not have any codes, create a code of ethics or code of conduct for the organization, and justify why you chose these conducts – remember to align with Table 6.2. Note: bullet point for each code created is acceptable for this question. Q4 CSR Concepts Which one of the five levels of corporate sustainability (CS) is the organization at? If none, which should they be and why? 1. Compliance-driven CS – following government regulations 2. Profit-driven CS – some consideration given to CS provided it contributes to bottom line 3. Caring CS – beyond legal compliance and profit (right thing to do) 4. Synergistic CS – well-balanced solutions sought to create value 5. Holistic CS – fully integrated and embedded in corporation. Q5 Employees in the Workplace Discuss a minimum of one and a maximum of two of the following issues relating to ethics and responsibilities between employees and employers: 1. Working conditions 2. Workforce reduction 3. Workplace privacy 4. Fair compensation 5. Employee Engagement 6. Employee loyalties and duties 7. Diversity management 8. Right to due process 9. Opportunity for advancement/training. Q6 Government Involvement in CSR Discuss a minimum of one and a maximum of two of the following, as it applies to your chosen organization in its own country: 1. Laws against dishonest business practices 2. Laws to prevent monopolistic behavior 3. Laws relating to the health and safety of employees 4. Laws that prohibit conducting business with corrupt foreign regimes If there is no legislation, discuss why, and which of the above Canadian regulations would be applicable if the organization was in Canada. Q7 Supply Chains and Sustainability Discuss a minimum of one and a maximum of two of the following sustainability issues, as it pertains to the organization’s supply chain: 1. Working conditions 2. Environment 3. CSR 4. Low wages 5. Human rights 6. Child labour 7. Health and safety 8. Forced labour and sweatshops Q8 Industry Life Cycle Discuss all four phases as it pertains to your chosen organization: 1. Introduction 2. Growth 3. Maturity 4. Decline Q9 Triple Bottom Line Discuss the triple bottom line (or lack of) as it pertains to your chosen organization: 1. People (social) 2. Planet (environment) 3. Profit (economic) Q10 Indigenous Groups Choose one of the following: 1. If your chosen organization is located in Canada, discuss how the organization engages with indigenous groups. 2. If the Canadian located organization is not currently engaged with indigenous groups OR if your chosen organization is not located in Canada, discuss how the the organization should engage with the indigenous groups and why? Minimum ​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​9 references in APA7,


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