Select the word or phrase that best completes each of the following sentences.

Imagine you’ve been tasked with creating the homecoming float for your student organization. You can’t do it alone! You’ll need a team to help you.

You’ll need a team to help you. While your number one goal is to complete the float, you know some of your team members will seek to    by using the opportunity for leadership experience.

At IDEO, every project is addressed with teams. Because the company is fairly large, people who have never worked together before may be assigned to a project team. Before they can even begin to function, the team must go through theforming   process.

Please select the best answer to the question posed.

Salesforce is a large company, and with so many employees, people often find that their coworkers share an interest in their hobbies. A group of golfing enthusiasts decide to set up a putting green near the work site. What type of group is this?