Practice Set 1

Formula Weights

NaCl: 58.44 g/mol

Tris: 121.14 g/mol

Glycine: 75 g/mol

SDS: 288.4 g/mol

  1. Convert the following:


  1. 243 ng to µg



  1. 700 pg to ng



  1. 300 kb to b




  1. 250 µto M



  1. How would you make 25 mL a 30% sucrose solution from a 78% sucrose solution?



  1. How would you make 3 mL of a NaCl solution that is 12% (w/v)?


  1. How would you make 2 L of an 800 ng/mL solution of gentamicin from a 3 µg/mL stock solution of gentamicin.







  1. You need to make 1 L of a 20x Laemmli-PAGE buffer whose working concentration (or 1x concentration) is 52 mM glycine, 25 mM Tris, and 1% SDS (w/v). How would you make this buffer?



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