A large university recently announced that the number of applicants for Master’s degree programs in Information Systems (IS) has declined by 50% in 2021 and 55% in 2022
There are some speculations and assumptions about the reasons, but the university does not use a traditional problem-solving approach
Use the design thinking technique to solve the issues.
Write the report using the following steps. Responses to each step will be assessed:
1- What is the business problem?

2- Do a “5 Whys” to find the main cause (dig deeper).

3- Who are the Users (main user identification)?

4- What is the User-centered problem statement (Problem statement from the users ‘ perspective)?

5- Do “As-Is” analysis: What is their current struggle today? Their daily work? Their needs?

6- Do “to-be” analysis: Propose some User-centric Ideas to solve their problems?