V Scholarly Activity

Ater reading the assigned chapters and your lesson, you now have the abilty to apply the information you previously learned

about the amendments to the court system in the United States. Also, you have a better understanding of how the courts

interact with other parts of the criminal justice system.

In this assignment, you will be focusing on the courts, amendments, and the criminal justice system as a whole.

Use the below questions to complete this assignment.

• Explain how the courts relate to the other components of the criminal justice system. How do they work together? How

do they sometimes interfere with each other?

• For the Fourth, Fith, Soth, and Eighth amendments, find an academic source that shows how the courts either

expanded or restricted rights related to that amendment. Using the facts of the four cases in the articles, show how the

courts and the amendments functioned together in resaving the cases.

Make sure you include an introduction. Your paper should be in PA style with in-text citations and a reference page. k must

be at least two pages in length. The reference page does not count towards the two-page requirement.

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