Security Architecture & Design

For the next Milestone, use the case information, your readings, and any other source materials at your disposal. Provide a simple security design for secure cloud access distributed file sharing tool that is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) service. The staff is using the storage to house corporate documents and sales information – including credit card information. Include a list of the security features that you would enable and why you would enable them in your design. Modify your Visio diagram to include the SaaS logical infrastructure and produce a one-page Executive Summary that explains the major components, their functions, and capabilities/limitations. Include protection against malware, unauthorized access, and forged keys in your infrastructure. Your files need to be in formats compatible with Microsoft Office products, so they can be easily viewed. Save your deliverables in individual files named CYBR515 Milestone 3a Assignment and CYBR515 Milestone 3b Assignment and attach them to this assignment.