The assignment explores Security Awareness Audit Plan. Additionally, there is description of IT Security Policy Compliance. So, section which identified and discussed 5 or more risks which drive the requirements.

Security Awareness Audit Plan – IT Security Policy Compliance

Firstly, this a challenging paper with many components. Secondly, I recommend you start on this as soon as you can.  Additionally, here the rubric requirements and I highlighted the sections that I will be looking at closely when grading your papers.  So, hope this helps. Project 3: IT Audit Policy & Plans Outline. Executive Summary for the Policy Briefing Package. Also, the Executive Summary provided an excellent summary of the policy package’s purpose and contents. Information about the case study company was well integrated into the summary. Besides, each policy was individually introduced and clearly explained. The material was well organized and easy to read.

Security Awareness Audit Plan – IT Security Policy Compliance

Firstly, policy for IT Security Policy Compliance Audits. Policy Introduction. Secondly, the policy contained an excellent introduction which addressed five or more specific characteristics of the company’s business, legal & regulatory, and/or enterprise IT environments and addressed the reasons why employees must comply with this policy. Compliance requirements are addressed and  contact information is provided for questions about the policy. Policy Content. The issue specific policy provided excellent (clear and concise) coverage of the following. olicy issue (do required policies exist and have they been properly vetted & approved) policy solution (auditing all IT security policies to determine compliance with security controls).

Security Awareness Audit Plan – IT Security Policy Compliance.  

Applicability (to what and to whom the policy applies)compliance requirements point of contact (for more information). The policy was easy to understand and thoroughly covered the required content. Audit Plans. Audit Background. The Security Awareness audit plan contained an excellent background section which identified and discussed 5 or more risks which drive the requirements and objectives for this audit. IT security controls for security awareness (AT family of controls from NIST SP 800-53) and related compliance requirements were identified and discussed.

Security Awareness Audit Plan – IT Security Policy Compliance.

Additionally, contact information was provided for the audit manager. Information from the case study well integrated into the background material. Audit Objectives.

Detailed Instructions


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