Select one group most likely to experience victimization. Then design a policy to reduce victimization for this group

Select one group most likely to experience victimization. Then design a policy to reduce victimization for this group. In your paper incorporate a discussion of at least three situational crime prevention techniques. You must also provide recent statistics that indicate your group is vulnerable.

According to the latest statistics released by Statistics Canada, crimes are decreasing. Using statistics from Statistics Canada and two other credible academic sources, predict the types of crime and numbers that will be experienced by Canadians within 5 years and then 10 years.

Is there a difference in sentencing principles? White collar crimes such as: corporate crime, cyber-crime and organized crime are increasing in Canada. Yet offenders convicted of these crimes seem to receive a lesser punishment than those who commit other types of crimes. Are there different sentencing principles applied by the Canadian Judiciary on convicted offenders who have committed white collar crimes?  You must compare the sentencing principles established by Canadian courts to the sentences actually being imposed by judges on offenders.

Quick Response

The African American population is likely to experience victimization in any cases especially when it comes to fighting against crime. Situational crime entails criminalities linked to environmental factors that comprise the crime scene. Prevention of situational crime entails two approaches including changing criminal motivations among people and reduction of opportunities that encourage crime. The above approaches are further influenced by the inclusion of two crime theories including rational choice and routine activity. According to research, 63% of the Black Americans are victimized by the idea of the likelihood of the police using deadly force on them or their family members(Harrell, 2011). This vulnerability is influenced by the cases they experience with the police even in instances they are innocent.

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