1.Share an interesting anecdote, or reflect on your most meaningful interests today. You might also share your favorite books, poems, and films.  identify your favorite word—or, at least, a word you find interesting and have only begun using—that is not considered profane. What does this word say about you? 

2. View the video on why we read literature. Although a somewhat goofy presentation, nonetheless a few important ideas about the author and reader. One of the central ideas is how the “reader,” proper, plays an important role in making meaning in “literature,” meaning which may exceed the aims of the author. Then, in about 200-250 words, share your experience with reading literature–whether one of the great novels or simply one of your favorite popular books. You may share a reading you enjoyed, or you may share a challenge you experienced. The central task is to share what reading, particularly literature, means to you. The video is on youtube- How and Why We Read: Crash Course English Literature #1