Sharing Your Community of Practice 

What happened when you designed your Ideal Community of Practice? Did you go for your dream team? Is Marion Wright Edelman, president of the Childrens Defense Fund involved? What about Hillary Clinton, who has served as Secretary of State and authored the book It Takes a Village? Or how about Matthew Melmed, the president of Zero to Three? When you look around the table, do you see some of the people you most admire, whose work has defined them as true advocates of social change? Do the people in your community of practice share your interest, goals, and passion? Are they deep thinkers, steadfast workers, problem solvers, communicators, and idea generators who are all committed to supporting the work? Creating a community of practice can be gratifying, inspiring, and heartening because now you know you are not alone in your efforts.

This is your chance to give and receive feedback with your colleagues. For this Discussion, you will post the challenge you have chosen and your Ideal Community of Practice. Before you proceed, think about the kind of feedback you hope to receive from you colleaguesthoughtful, helpful, and supportive. Remember, when you post, you are, in essence, saying to your colleagues:

Here is my challenge, and you are the members of my community of practice. Please analyze my ideas and help me improve. Tell me:

  • What are your thoughts with regard to my chosen challenge?

  • What are your suggestions?

  • Is there anything you want to point out to me?

  • What do think when you review my community of practice in relation to my challenge?

  • Who do you suggest I include?
My challenge will  focus on cultural, & inquity within the early childhood field 

My challenge will focus on developing professional learning opportunities within the early childhood field, focusing on building equitable, anti-bias practices within programs that have lasting impacts over time.  

By Wednesday:
Post a summary of the challenge you have chosen and the Ideal Community of Practice you have created.