Should the United States Change the Stipulated Age of 21, to 18 in the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984?

You will end your Capstone paper with a more thorough discussion of your revised position, accompanied with your own arguments, evidence, and moral reasoning. You will also include at least one paragraph on your interviews, reflecting on how they affect- ed your position, as well as one paragraph de- scribing your civic engagement activity and re- flecting on its effects on your position. Finally, you will conclude the paper as a whole. After the end of the text, you should include the required appendices, followed by your Works Cited, which should be updated to include your interview subjects, as well as any other sources you might have added information from in revising Submissions Two and Three. FINAL REVISED POSITION AND SOLUTION After your moral reasoning analysis in Submission Three, and in place of your ten- tative conclusion and solution, you should include your final, revised conclusion and solution with support. While you are revising your original position, to whatever extent your position has changed or been reinforced, you should at least reference the position you stat- ed in your tentative conclusion and solution and reflect on your evolving thoughts about the solution. The organization of the following components is flexible, but all of the following required elements must be included: ^Your revised position on the topic question. ^A detailed presentation of your solution with arguments, evidence, and a discussion of its implementation and feasibility. ^Your reasons for why this is the best solution. • Arguments that you found most convincing, and the evidence that you found most powerful in making your decision. How will your solution address the social problems discussed in the beginning of the paper? • Counterarguments addressing the most pressing practical and/or ethical objections to your solution. • Moral reasoning: the values, obligations, consequences, and normative principles that were most influential to you in thinking through your solution. CONCLUDING THE PAPER Since your Capstone paper is long, complex, and includes multiple sections, you will need to craft these final paragraphs so they give your paper a sense of closure. There are several ways to do this. Consider using one or more of the following strategies: ^Offer an overview of the entire project and explain what new realizations you came to after conducting your research. ^Restate in some new way the strongest argument for the position you are supporting. ^Relate your conclusion back to your introduction. ^Consider your project in terms of its larger social significance. ^Identify questions for further research. ^Answer the question, “So what?” In other words, explain what your audience should have gained through reading your paper. ^End with a call to action. Explain what your readers should be doing to alleviate the social problem you identified at the beginning of the paper and to ensure the solution you have supported becomes public policy. The overall idea is to end your paper on a powerful note, encouraging your readers—with the real authority on this topic that you have gained through extensive research and reflection—to adopt your perspective on the controversy and perhaps even inspiring them to help make your proposed solution a reality

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