Project Four:
Significance Paper. You will write a research paper that makes an argument about a significance regarding your genre. This paper will be five to six pages and will use at least six sources. Pick one narrowed topic from this list or check in with me if you want to suggest a different topic: technology, gender, race, class, fashion, health, media, or lifestyle. Make an argument about how your genre has been impacted by one of the narrowed topics and/or how the narrowed topic has impacted your genre.

 For example, your research could center around the use of artificial intelligence in modern classical music and/or how streaming software like Spotify use AI to create seemingly original works of music in order to directly profit without the use of real musicians. Another example might be examining how the revival of old country music has allowed more space for women in country music because of a growing appreciation for figures such as Dolly Parton. Your write-up should include an introduction paragraph with a thesis that makes a strong argument about how the significance of the narrowed topic in regard to your genre. A

nalyze the sources using rhetorical devices such as logos, pathos, and ethos. Introduce your sources with a signal phrase to help the reader understand why each source is relevant and trustworthy. Use of mix of quotes and paraphrase from the sources to support your argument and then analyze the sources in order to make it clear how each connects to your thesis. Include a Works Cited page that lists all sources in MLA format.

What are your plans for Project 4? How has your genre had a significant impact on a narrowed topic? Pick one narrowed topic from this list: technology, gender, race, class, fashion, health, media, lifestyle. Can you use ideas from Projects 2 or 3 to help back up your claim? What new examples will you use to support your thesis?