The assignment focuses on Simplifying the operations management processes. Besides, there is also a description of Air Liquide Company. So, explain the strategic importance of the operations management.

Simplifying the operations management processes- Air Liquide Company

 Hi Please find the attached file it is very important you will find full details of the work (the most important files are the cell file and the Air Liquide Group Presentation1 also you will find the guidline file which explain all the information) Report based on a Company’s Case study Company Case study introduction: Task Details/Description: Currently the operations management process at Air Liquide is quite complex. Based on that, as an operations management consultant for Air Liquide for this report you need to: Firstly, critically explain the strategic importance of the operations management for the company. Also, its theoretical basis in managing resources; Secondly, provide recommendations. By developing a conceptual model of the key decision-making areas; (c) provide recommendations for improving its customer centric operations strategy based on the concept of servitization.

Simplifying the operations management processes- Air Liquide Company

You will be given access to real data from the company that will help you to complete the tasks of this coursework and you are also expected to conduct your own research by analysing both academic and grey literature. It is advised that you will use the data provided by the company to understand the operations management processes and develop appropriate recommendations. For example, you could use the data to describe the grouping of them to propose a solution / recommendation for simplifying the operations management processes of this particular company. Indicative structure:

Simplifying the operations management processes- Air Liquide Company

There is no specific structure for this report, however you may want to follow the structure below: 1. Introduction (explain the purpose of this coursework and provide a brief background of the company) 2. Main body (critical discussion of the (a), (b), and (c); you may want to have different subsections) 

Detailed Instructions


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