This assignment focuses on Site Appraisal and Options Statement. There is also a description of sites within Wakefield analysis.

Site Appraisal and Options Statement : sites within Wakefield analysis

Assignment 2: Site Appraisal and Options Statement

The company has an option on four sites within Wakefield. You will given details of these sites. The four sites in Wakefield to assess are : Batley Road, Borough Road Car Park, Jacobs Well Lane and Park View. You tasked with writing a site appraisal and options statement to rank the four sites in order of development priority. For the preferred site you will also produce and interpret a residual financial appraisal and conduct a sensitivity analysis.

Appraisal Guidelines

The appraisal and options statement should be informed by the following criteria:

1) An assessment of the strategic context of the sites

Planning for housing is a future-oriented activity. As a result, development potential is affected by a combination of strategic constraints (flooding, landscape designations, or geology).  The socioeconomic composition of the population (e.g. income). Also,  the structure of the housing market (house prices); and services and infrastructure (school catchments; road infrastructure) to name but a few issues. Strategic considerations given ‘due consideration.  So that the optioned site  located within the wider spatial context.

Site Appraisal and Options Statement : sites within Wakefield analysis

You will use a Planning Support System (PSS) – (P&EM and TellUs Toolkit) – specifically for Wakefield, our submarket. This system can be accessed at the following link: You will need to undertake ‘overlay’ analyses to assess the strategic context of each site. You can represent the overlays by simply capturing the screen shots of the system. So, but you will expected to ‘clean’ the shots for presentation purposes (crop etc.). You should provide an analysis of the strategic context for each site using evidence derived from your overlay analysis.

Detailed Instructions


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