If you have not yet done so, complete the on-line course: Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR).


The on-line course covers a great deal of material about how to help people in the aftermath of a disaster or other large-scale event. The course was not intended to turn you into a mental health provider who can now go and respond to such an event. For the purpose of PSYC 493, the goal was to show you some of the types of training that responders do receive.



  1. With that in mind, what was you overall impression of the SPR course and how useful it may be for first responders?




  1. Which aspects of the SPR course struck you as the MOST important. Why?




  1. How do the strategies and interventions discussed in the SPR course seem to be in line with — or run counter to — the range of strategies provided in the PTSD Sourcebook?




  1. What did you learn from the SPR course that you might find useful in your personal or professional life?




  1. Did taking the SPR course lead you to consider getting further training in how to help in the aftermath of a disaster or other large-scale event? Why or why not?