Purpose: Ability to install and configure a virtual environment, useful for testing, development, and safely isolating systems.

Skills & Knowledge: Software installation. Technical problem solving. Virtualization technology.

Tasks: Per the class discussion and slides, Lab #1 is to install VirtualBox and instantiate a virtual machine using Ubuntu.  As noted, if students want to use VMware they are allowed to do so, with the caveat that support we’re providing is for VirtualBox.  Therefore, they take on some risk debugging any problems.  The end state will be a virtualized and networked collection of three VMs, one of which is the subject of this week’s lab (Ubuntu).  You will want the GUI install of Ubuntu so that a browser is available for later labs.

Deliverable is a screen shot posted to the assignment that demonstrates you successfully met the objective of having Virtualization and a running instance of Ubuntu.  I leave it to you to determine how to best demonstrate that.  Later labs will have more precise “exit criteria” to show successful completion, but in most cases, the end state will be provided and you are to use your best judgement to make your deliverable meet the objective.  Most likely, a one page PDF showing a couple screen shots suffices for this lab.

Help is available via Discussion Board, but your ability to use Critical Thinking and be a Problem Solver is part of the challenge.  Make your best effort and most of you should be successful without assistance.  Help is provided in links below for the technology in question, but you may use your own sources.  Kick some butt, and good luck!