This assignment focuses on Slaughter and Dorment in Conversation. There is also a description of gender roles and expectations.

Slaughter and Dorment in Conversation : gender roles and expectations

Slaughter and Dorment in Conversation

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Now that you have had time to explore both arguments, I want to hear your thoughts on the topic. I want you to explore in this discussion board the role society plays in the construction of gender roles and expectations. We have heard Dorment and Slaughter explore this issue in their own texts, now I want to know your thoughts on if have we progressed as a society? Have we been able to come move forward past the arguments presented in these texts?

Slaughter and Dorment in Conversation : gender roles and expectations

Or are these issues still present today? What are your thoughts on the topic? Do gender roles and expectations impact our choices and paths, or have we evolved past these ideas as a society? Generally speaking, men who espouse a more traditional ideology about men’s roles report a higher desire for muscularity and may feel that achieving the mesomorphic ideal is a mechanism through which they can meet the gender-role expectations of power and control. Furthermore, gender-role discrepancy has been associated with body dissatisfaction and higher drive for muscularity.

If we have evolved, then what changes have allowed for greater equality? If not, then what more needs to be done? Thoughts?

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