This assignment focuses on Slave narratives from South Carolina. There is also a description of  histories about historical events. Besides, what did individual slaves do before the Civil War

Slave narratives from South Carolina- histories about historical events

The thesis statement for essay is “After an analysis of the slave narratives from South Carolina, this essay makes an argument that slave owners competed with each other to inflict the harshest punishments.” (this is what paper should be about) Answer at least three of these questions within paper. What did individual slaves do before the Civil War and afterward?Also, What do oral histories teach us about historical events?◦Did emancipation change their lives? If so, how? If not, why not?◦What questions to these former slaves raise?◦Do you think gender has an impact on the slave’s recollections? I. Introduction paragraphs—Should not exceed two good paragraphs A. Introduce your topic B. Put your topic in historical context C. Also, Introduce your THESIS ARGUMENT. So, make sure you either underline or put your thesis in bold face font. besides, Thesis must appear somewhere in the Introduction paragraphs.

Slave narratives from South Carolina- histories about historical events

II. Body paragraphs—This is were your analysis takes place. Where you offer your “original” inferences, interpretations, and/or conclusions about your thesis and the slave narratives. You must support your original information by citing information from the slave narratives, your textbook, PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, course videos, etc. [That means FOOTNOTES]—These paragraphs should be the bulk of your paper. You probably want to have at least two or maybe three aspects of your topic to support your thesis. A. Support area/aspect B. Support area/aspect C.Besides,  Support area/aspect III. Conclusion paragraphs—Should not exceed one good paragraph. This is where you wrap up your paper. Reiterate your thesis. Offer suggestions for further research on your topic and/or discuss any complications with the research. *Do not write this paper in first person.

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