Length:  Paper should be noless than five (5) to seven (7) pages of text. This does not include title pages, footnotes/endnotes, and bibliography.

Style:  Paper should bedouble-spaced and typed in Times New Roman 12 point font.

Citations:  You should usethe Chicago Manual of Style as the guideline for citing sources.  This means that only footnotes or endnotesare acceptable.If you choose to use MLA or APA in-text citations you will notreceive full credit for the assignment.  A bibliography, not a Work Cited page shouldbe included at the end of the paper.Please consult the Mandatory Style Sheetfor Term Paper Research and Organization provided in Canvas for informationabout citing your sources correctly. 

Sources:  You must use five(5) book sources approved by me. Internet sources are allowed but must not replace the traditional booksources and must be a valid research tool (signed articles with sourcecitation).  Wikipedia is not a legitimateresearch website and will not be accepted as a source.

Grading Criteria:Content = 25%Style = 25%Citations =25%Bibliography = 25%