Use examples from the film. Transcript is available in the Assignments section of Blackboard.

  1. Summarize the film, “The Downward Spiral” in your own words, including the main themes or ideas discussed. A SHORT summary—do not retell the film.
  2. Discuss the impact of slavery on the making of America. What did African enslavement contribute to the making of America? Give examples.
  3. Explain the meaning of the term, “the downward spiral”. Discuss one event that you think contributed to the “downward spiral”.
  4. Of the stories told in the film, discuss one that contributes to your understanding of the enslavement period of American history.
  5. Tell me what YOU learned from viewing the film and what YOU think the filmmaker wants you to know. Is learning about the enslavement of African people relevant to today’s history? Explain.

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