Using the 13 Grand Social Challenges site and our readings for this unit as a launching point, explore a social issue that you believe needs to be addressed. You’ll be writing a problem and solution essay about this issue.  Make an argument claim and proposal in your thesis and then in the essay discuss why you are making this claim, what are the causes, and what you wish to propose about combating the social issue and problem you’re exploring.

You will do research, use documentaries, draw upon your own experience and/or interview someone connected to the problem to get a better understanding of the social issue and the challenges that anything, group or groups it highlights face.

A problem and solution paper typically has two main parts, the first covers the problem and explains the issues and the next focuses on highlighting solutions or ways to attempt resolution to the issue.  In the modules as we go forward there will be specific outlines for formatting to follow. Below are some basics to give you some ideas of what the two main sections will consist of:

You will first investigate the issue and map out concerns related to the problem:

  In what ways has this social issue been a concern bot currently and historically? 

What lead to the creation of the issue and how has it played out over time?

 Have there been laws that purposefully (or accidentally) attempted to fix or make it worse?

 Are there any bias/stereotypes played out institutionally or systemically from groups in power concerning this social issue or the groups effected by this issue?

What are the main focus concepts or ways you might define the larger focus areas of the issue?

What are the different levels of effects of this social issue if it goes unmanaged cared for? 

Who is feeling the brunt of the issue?

 Specific communities, people in general, the environment?

How serious is this issue and does it deserve more attention?

Next, you look into what is being done, or approaches that might possibly be used to limit, fix, or solve the problem in the form of solutions:

Are there any past or current solutions that have been used?

 Are there any fresh ideas that just have not gained support and implementation?

What was the outcome of any solutions that have been tried?

In many cases you might find there are ideas out there, but they have yet to be turned into law or there is yet to be funding for it to be executed. You can still use those as solutions, and it is important to bring attention to them.