Social Media and Detrimental Effects of Comparison

Must be 20 pages, APA format. Must have 8 references. This is a counseling paper that addresses the detrimental affects of comparing oneself to the life of someone else based on social media. Here is the intro paragraph and reference list: Social Media and Detrimental Effects of Comparison Comparison can be the root of a variety of issues clients present to counseling with. Diminished self-image, reduced self-worth, and discontentment with one’s own life stemming from the coveting of others. In an age where participating on social media outlets is a staple for many and is accessible in the palms of our hands, the instances where comparisons can occur are infinite. With every swipe, there is an opportunity for one to view a post that could contribute to detrimental effects of comparison. Researchers have found correlations between depression, internalization of irrational ideals, and other aspects that contribute to dissatisfaction of life. Reviewing the research can help to gain an understanding of how to work with client’s the present to counseling with such issues. Treatment plans can be developed to include goals pertaining to social media usage, including identifying triggers and decreasing utilization. Implications for future research relating emotional connection and other aspects of social media, such as secondary trauma via the sharing and viewing of emotionally charged traumatic events, should be discussed. References Aalbers, G., McNally, R. J., Heeren, A., de Wit, S., & Fried, E. I. (2018). Social media and depression symptoms: A network perspective. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, doi: Baker, Z. G., Krieger, H., & LeRoy, A. S. (2016). Fear of missing out: Relationships with depression, mindfulness, and physical symptoms. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 2(3), 275-282. doi: Bradley, S. W., Roberts, J. A., & Bradley, P. W. (2019). Experimental evidence of observed social media status cues on perceived likability. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 8(1), 41-51. doi:

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A recent study on the effects of comparing oneself with others on social media has been identified to lead to adverse outcomes including depression. Users of social media platforms tend to compare their lives with other users using the posts made and pictures uploaded regularly (Aalbers, et al., 2018). This instance influences the social media users’ self-esteem hence affecting their mental health. From another approach, social media platforms affect the users where they engage in social comparison leading to the determination of their self-worth. This approach is identified to be used by people requiring approval from others. Therefore, most of the social media users especially Facebook and Instagram tried very hard to publish pictorial posts to help scale their approval rates…


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