In this assignment you will identify and read published research literature on one of the topics below and provide the following 2 deliverables that will synthesize what you have found to provide understanding about what is, and is not, known on the topic:

1.    A table summarising the research findings of the papers you have selected (30%)

2.    A written literature review (70%)



2.    Produce a table with columns that contain the following information for each of the 10 papers:

•    Citation in the form – Authors (year)

•    Research approach used in the research study

•    Main findings relevant to this literature review assignment


3.    Write a literature review that synthesises the findings of these 10 papers. After reading each article, you should think about how they all fit together. 

Your review should be organised by concepts, such as findings, rather than by sources of information.

 Do not proceed through the articles one-by-one. In addition, you may choose to supplement these articles with a few articles from other sources that do not present the authors’ own results if needed to help explain the topic.