This assignment focuses on Social mobility and vertical mobility. There is also a description of overview of the central issues.

Social mobility and vertical mobility : overview of the central issues

Paper details:

Define the term social mobility and give an overview of the central issues and research questions concerning it. Towards the middle of the essay, change the focus to vertical mobility. So,  explain it in more detail and justify the relevance of studying vertical mobility.

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Social mobility and vertical mobility : overview of the central issues

With Mobility Return, the classic car sharing offer. So, it’s simple and easy to reserve a car via the app or customer portal and return it to its original Mobility station after your journey. Besides, Yu have round-the-clock, self-service access to 2’860 cars in different categories at 1’530 stations throughout Switzerland, giving you complete flexibility.To illustrate this, it is possible to have good mobility, but poor accessibility. For example, a community with a good highway network and low levels of congestion, but with relatively few employment, shopping and leisure opportunities, has good mobility but poor accessibility. Nevertheless, policies to increase mobility do generally increase accessibility by making it easier to reach destinations further away

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