The assignment focuses on Social Movements Women’s Unemployment. However, there is a description of Impact of COVID -19 on Society. So, try to connect the specifics of women’s participation.

Social Movements Women’s Unemployment – Impact of COVID -19 on Society

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So, how effective have the strategies of various movements we’ve witnessing over the last few months been in getting your support to their cause? Also, you might want to consider the recent protests against police violence. Besides, various social media campaigns by medical workers to pressure governments for more resources in their fight against COVID19, or letter campaigns to increase wages and safety standards for various front line workers (or any other recent movements for change that caught your attention). what can be done to prevent the corona spring from becoming a generation-defining experience that paralyses individuals, communities and society, what are the immediate and long-term effects of the situation, and what long-term measures should society take to mitigate the social effects of the situation.

Social Movements Women’s Unemployment – Impact of COVID -19 on Society

What strategies are most effective in raising awareness that leads to societal change, in your view? Why makes them effective? 2nd topic: COVID 19 has had a disproportionate negative impact on women, who are bearing the brunt of unemployment as a result of the economic shutdowns due to the pandemic. How is this uneven impact explained? Try to connect the specifics of women’s participation and disadvantages in the labour force to the enduring unequal division of family tasks and responsibilities. Please write 1 page for each topic and give separate bibliography. Thanks

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