1. What rationale is provided in the introduction of the target article to

explain why feeling guilty might be linked to self-punishment? (max. 80

words; 2 marks)

2. (a) Describe the independent and dependent variables used in Study 1.

(max. 160 words; 4 marks) (b) Provide a table of means for the main

dependent variable at each level of the independent variables in Study 1

indicating any significant differences. (table & labels are not included in

the wordcount; 2 marks)


3. (a) What do the authors suggest might be a practical consequence of

the Dobby effect? (80 words; 2 marks) (b) What functions do the authors

suggest guilt-induced self-punishment might serve? (80 words; 2 marks)

4. Describe your own idea for a study (an original idea, not a direct

replication of existing research) that follows from the target article. Make

sure you specify your research question and the design and methods

you would use. (max. 400 words; 8 marks)