This assignment focuses on Asset Building & Community Development. There is also a description of social problems and community programs

Asset Building & Community Development : social problems and community programs

Community Project (Paper)


Paper details:

Community Paper: (20%). During this semester you will given the opportunity to reflect on ideas from the readings.Then, relate these ideas to sociological theories, social problems, community programs, social actions, and social politics. You will be developing a project/paper about something that is needed in YOUR community. Then, look around the county you live in and think about something that would help your community. Your project will need to include information about your area such as population, education, medium income, and so forth.

Asset Building & Community Development : social problems and community programs

Additionally, Explain why and how your community would benefit from this project. Besides, your paper will  graded based on your knowledge and incorporation of course material and your ability to write a coherent, well organized, and grammatically correct product. There is a three-page minimum and five-page maximum as well as five creditable references (academic peer reviewed articles), and ASA formatting.

Social problems and community programs

You encouraged to utilize the campus writing center ( to an external site. 3 – 5 pages. 5 references (your text book can be included). Academic Peer Reviewed Articles ONLY!!! ASA or APA formatting. TEXTBOOK: Asset Building & Community Development by: Gary Paul Green and Anna Haines (4th Edition). Sage Publications.

Detailed Instructions


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