The assignment entails Socio-ecological influences on lifestyles. Besides, there is a description of Home Economics education and marketing. So, discuss the use of conceptual framework.

Socio-ecological influences on lifestyles – Home Economics education and marketing

As you will notice, this portfolio has three parts to it. Please read carefully. The article for part three is entitled – Does School Health and Home Economics Education influence Adult’s Food Choice. Full details are in the assignment and I have bought books that you need to access and refer to on e-books as I have given you the password. Dear Writer, You need to proofread the paper and make sure it a PhD level writing. Please check the Harvard Referencing, discuss the use of conceptual framework, corrections constantly. Please write a reflective essay at PHD level.

Socio-ecological influences on lifestyles – Home Economics education and marketing

Received the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Award for “Outstanding contribution to leading practice 2009 -10”. Has also received the DATA award 2005 Outstanding Teacher in D&T – Advanced Skills Teacher. Lead Practitioner Coordinator 2009 -14. Lead Practitioner for 3 years with the SSAT design and technology team (separate group to license to cook lead practitioners). Healthy Schools Coordinator in London Borough of Hillingdon UK 2010 – 2012. Lead the Hospitality Diploma 14-19 in the London Borough of Hillingdon UK. I am currently an active member of The Nutrition Society UK. I currently contribute in journals, articles and on the ‘’ with first hand research in Education and Nutrition.  

Socio-ecological influences on lifestyles – Home Economics education and marketing

Assignment interests. Firstly, Socio-ecological influences on lifestyles. Secondly, Food, nutrition and consumption perceptions, attitudes, knowledge and behaviours. Also, Food, nutrition and health education. Additionally, Consumer, financial and sustainability education. Besides, Home Economics education and marketing. Also, Health promotion and school, community or media interventions. So,  Sustainable lifestyles and school, community or media interventions. More so, Leadership and management strategies in education. However, Digital and video game usage in education

Ø  Social interactive learning of multiplayer games in engineering


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