This assignment focuses on Sociology at the movies. There is also a description of  aspects of sociological relevance. So, a summary paragraph should concisely state your main conclusion

Sociology at the movies : aspects of sociological relevance

Confirm that your movie choice has been approved by the instructor before you begin writing. You can do this by sending the title of the movie to the instructor and getting a confirmation email. Then, proceed to watch the movie with a careful sociological eye. If you are having difficulty making a decision on which movie to write about, see the list of recommendations below.

* Format. Your paper should be between 3-4 double-spaced pages using MLA or APA format. If you cite any sources, the full citations should appear in a separate Works Cited or Bibliography page.

Sociology at the movies : aspects of sociological relevance

* Story, Dialogue, Action! Movies tell stories, and so should your paper. Dialogue and action bring stories to life and you can increase your readers interest by quoting revealing snippets of dialogue and describing how the film relates to sociological concepts. These narrative elements are especially effective when used in the introductory paragraphs because they help to engage the reader. Remember, though, your job is not to tell the whole story of the movie but to focus on aspects of sociological relevance. Dont let the movies narrative control you; use the movie to tell your sociological story.


* Argument. The main body of your reviewall but the introductory and concluding paragraphsshould develop your sociological argument. This is where you tell the reader about the sociological significance of the movie, applying at least three sociological concepts. Roughly two-thirds of the review should devoted to this purpose
* Summary. So, a 
summary paragraph should concisely state your main conclusion and leave the reader with something to think about after they finishes reading the paper. You may provoke the reader by asking a thought provoking question, identifying an intriguing paradox, or mentioning an unresolved issue.

Detailed Instructions

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