Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Part 1: Even though you are barely beginning your capstone project and this weeks deliverables, you still have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with your status report template and what elements will need to be updated each week. If you have not yet read through your Weekly Discussion Forum Instructions document, do so now! The templates you will need to complete each weeks forum as well as expectations are included in that document.

For week 1, you will only need to complete the following elements of your status update:

  • Project Name
  • Date
  • Developer Name
  • Project Summary
  • Objectives for Next Week
  • Projects Risks and Issues
  • Part 2 Requirement Analysis
  • Instructions: This assignment requires you to develop the Requirements Analysis portion of your technical paper. Remember, while the Requirements Analysis portion should be as thorough and complete as possible, it may require some revisions and modifications when you create your final paper. IntroductionThe Introduction section of your paper should provide a high-level summary of the scope and context of the project you are undertaking. This section should also detail the objectives of your project. The introduction will layout the big picture of your project. Problem Background and DefinitionThe Problem Background should discuss, but not limited to, the following:
    • Current technological trends leading up to your project
    • Open problems related to your project
    • Recent promising developments
    • Existing related work
    • Your motivation for your project
    • The problem you want to solve and why

    The Definition section should:

    • Discuss key concepts
    • Introduce key terminology

    Technology SolutionThe Technology Solution section will highlight the major features and benefits of your design. This section should provide not only a clear discussion of the environment, language, and platform you will use to develop your program but also a discussion of how the particular language you are using will help solve your proposed problem. This section will also discuss network and security standards and principals related to your design as well as a summary of the programs performance and any deficits.