Solution design and project management:
Problem statement:
A lending client “Leading Finance Ltd.” has an existing customer-facing app that allows their
customers to apply for personal loans. To apply for a loan, customers initiate their application
directly on the mobile app.
The app takes the customers through an application journey during which it captures customer’s
personal details and KYC details, their loan requirements, calculates their eligibility and
approves their loan, gets agreement signed, sets up a mandate (autodebit etc.), and disburses
the amount to the customer. (This is a simplified version of the journey but is enough for the
purpose of this exercise). All these actions are automated and carried out through the app itself.
In order to get more revenue, the client now wants to cross-sell other products to their
customers during their existing loan application journey. The first product they want to start
cross-selling is a life insurance policy. They have engaged Kuliza to modify their existing
customer journey to include this business requirement.
Think creatively about a solution to this problem. Some examples would be to find out the
optimal place and ways to introduce this life insurance product to the customer, think about how
the policy prices and terms can vary based on various factors, and consider what
additions/subtractions you would need to make to the existing journey. What if we roll out this
new offering to the market and after two months, the client decides to not sell this product
anymore? Can we plan for such a scenario right now itself?
1. Break down the requirement into 4-5 features and further into user stories. Know that the
audience for these stories is the tech implementation team, be clear in the ask, include
mockups if required.
a. Create a detailed project plan to present to your internal implementation team
how the project will be executed.
b. What measures will you build into the plan to ensure that the planned timelines
are met?
3. Your user stories form part of functional requirements that need to be achieved with the
project. What non-functional requirements will you include in your charter, and why?
Please avoid a generic list here and try to keep these non-functional requirements in the
context of the above problem statement.
4. Write an email to the client to communicate to them that we are running late by at least 2
weeks in delivery to UAT.
5. Due to various circumstances, you have had to let go of a team member from the
company. You notice that this has had an impact on the overall morale of the rest of the
team that is working on your project. Write an email to your team members to address
this situation.


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