This assignment focuses on Spanish colonization influence on religion. There is also a description of  today’s core values among Mexican Americans.

Spanish colonization influence on religion : today’s core values among Mexican Americans

How has Spanish colonization influenced religion and spiritual belief among Amerindian societies and how does that shift connect to today’s core values among Mexican Americans? Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details An introduction with research questions (cite two academic sources in the introduction) A thesis statement paragraph (cite an additional source). Thesis statement defense (cite an additional source). Argument development (continue using the sources you have cited). Road Map–(See the instructions I have provided on Canvas).

Spanish colonization influence on religion : today’s core values among Mexican Americans

Use no more than three (3) direct quotations from text. So, all sources must be academic. Fixated on religious conversion and military control, Spain inhibited economic development in its American colonies. Following the dictates of an economic philosophy known as mercantilism, aimed at protecting its own manufacturers, Spain restricted trade, prohibited manufacturing, stifled local industry and handicrafts, impeded the growth of towns, and prevented civilians from selling to soldiers.

Today’s core values among Mexican Americans

So, the government required all trade to be conducted through Veracruz and levied high excise taxes that greatly increased the cost of transportation.The introduction should be about a page. Then provide a thesis statement paragraph and defense of the thesis in another page. Then continue with the discussion where you continue to defend the thesis. It exercised a monopoly over tobacco and gunpowder and prohibited the capture of wild horses. Still, Spain left a lasting imprint on the Southwest.Such institutions as the rodeo and the cowboy (the vaquero) had their roots in Spanish culture. Place names, too, bear witness to the region’s Spanish heritage.The Road Map is about a page or a little less.

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