The assignment discusses Sports Media Marketing Plan. Additionally, there is a description of Social Media Management. So,  focus on Engaging Sports Fans.

Sports Media Marketing Plan – Social Media Management

Description Please see the resource below, as well as at least one source you locate on your own. The article below provides background on the fundamentals of sports marketing strategy. For this week’s forum, please use what you learn from your research to list and explain a minimum of three (3) strategies for marketing sports with social media.

Here are some five important to keep in mind for a great digital marketing campaign for sports teams!

1. Focus on Engaging Sports Fans

We talk about this a lot — and for good reason. Fan engagement is the easiest way to improve your team’s popularity yet it remains to be a common error on athlete social media management

Sports Media Marketing Plan – Social Media Management

2. Share Relevant Content

There’s no lie that sports and entertainment has slowly blended into one great tactic and the best sports marketing campaigns know how to mix them together seamlessly.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Most people these days have a smartphone and they use it for everything from buying tickets to checking social media — not to mention that studies have revealed Generations Y and Z love engaging through their mobile phones or tablets.

 Sports Media Marketing Plan – Social Media Management

4. Be Consistent

Think about the materials and content you’re sharing. Are your logos, fonts, colors, and designs consistent? Are the messages your fans are getting consistent with your team’s overall values? If you hesitated on your answer, then maybe it’s time you take a good look at everything and see where you’ve gone wrong. 

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