Each configuration is worth 2 pts. For Each configuration, show

 • The unknown forces at each support

 • The lines of action of each unknown force (use a highlighter) 

• State whether the system is stable or unstable. If unstable state why it is unstable. 

• These are 2D systems, so there must a force in each direction to resist movement, AND there must be a moment to resist rotation. The moment can also be in the form of a force couple. 


 2) This system is STABLE. Ay or Cy resist movement in y-direction Cx resist movement in x-direction

 The Force Couple 

Determine the Reactions of each beam. Show unknown support forces and the Distributed Load Resultant magnitude and location on the loading diagram. Each Problem is 7 pts.

1 (6 pts) determine support reactions 2 (4 pts)

 Define a 2-Force member and sketch a Curved member that is a 2-force. 3 (5 pts) 

determine support reactions. 

Apply the concept of 2-force member to CB

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