This assignment focuses on Design Thinking – Change Proposal. There is also an analysis of  staff recruitment and retention. So,start with the change you are recommending. Will it be new education?

Design Thinking – Change Proposal : staff recruitment and retention

Scholarly Paper #3: Design Thinking – Change Proposal



·                     Overview: (2 pages) 20 points

Firstly,identify an issue in your practicum or organization that you work that has resisted prior change attempts. Secondly,  is a candidate for design thinking. Also, this could be a change to improve the quality of patient care, policy practices, professional development, staff recruitment and retention, financial health of the organization or some other topic of interest. You can also use the situation Scholarly Paper #1 as the problem and include details from your analysis, SWOT and financial impact components. 


·                     Design Thinking Process: (2 pages)  20 points

II A. Executive Summary: Use the Darden design thinking approach, ie. what is, what if, what wows, what works, finance considerations, etc.) to provide an executive summary of the situation. This section may be a little challenging since you will be “thinking” through this process and not actually performing the steps with teams. It is ok to theoretically explore the problem.

Design Thinking – Change Proposal : staff recruitment and retention

II. B. Problem definition: Describe the problem using the design thinking approach to explore upstream issues that may be contributing to the problem. Explore what organizational policies are specific to the problem (if any), what happens if this is not addressed, what might the outcomes be? How does the problem change if you look at it through the four frames perspective? Use this section to succinctly present how you would approach change management using a design thinking approach.


·                     Change Proposal: (3 pages) 30 points

Proposal Brief: In this section, you will “pitch” your idea. Start with the change you are recommending. Will it be new education? New environmental conditions? Policies or protocols? Etc.

·         State succinctly why you are proposing this and what evidence you have to support your claim.

·          Explain the situation and how it has resisted prior change attempts and how it’s a candidate for a design thinking approach.

Detailed Instructions


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