You should review your prior reflection entries to help draft the final reflection essay. In preparing your report, you should consider the following:

1. How has working on this project either challenged or supported your previous views of the role of project
management or organization communications?
2. What has been your key learning?
3. What project management/organization communication and other skills did you practice, learn about and develop
throughout this project?
4. What new questions and new ideas about project management/organization communication have you identified?
5. What developmental goals are important for you now?
6. What actions do you plan to take to continue your development throughout the master’s program and beyond?


1. What literature was relevant to understanding the needs of the organization and your choice of intervention
2. What model(s) did you use from assigned readings in the degree program and from your own research for your
3. What were the key master’s program content (models, concepts, tools) that were critical for the preparation and
success of your project?

4. What additional areas would you like to have known more about prior to beginning the project?