Standing the Behaviour Finance view presentation of a research article: Anchoring on Credit Spreads

Detailed Instructions


15-20 slides, plus the explanation notes

The presentation of a research article should be at least including:

·         Introduction—summarise what you are going to say and explain the rationale of the article

·         Background (Literature Review)—introduce necessary terms (illustrate complex ones with examples); state the hypotheses and theoretical arguments

Quick Response

      Anchoring is referred to as the utilization of irrelevant information as a reference for conducting an evaluation or estimation of an unknown value of a financial instrument. Anchoring is embraced as part of the field of behavioral finance that investigates how emotions influence economic choices CITATION Pom12 l 1033  (Pompian, 2012). Anchors such as absolute historical values as well as the values needed to accomplish an objective can be regarded as detrimental to the investment objectives. Therefore, analysts encourage investors to reject such types of anchors. The market participants are faced by greater risk especially when they hold an investment and hope that the security will return to its purchase price.

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