Learning Goal: I’m working on a statistics multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

A brief view of the discussion:

Recall the car data set you identified in Week 2. We know that this data set is normally distributed using the mean and SD you calculated. (Be sure you use the numbers without the supercar outlier)

For the next 4 cars that are sampled, what is the probability that the price will be less than $500 dollars below the mean? Make sure you interpret your results.

Please note: we are given a new sample size, we will need to calculate a new SD. Then, to find the value that is $500 below the mean you will need to take the mean and subtract $500 from it. For example, if the mean is $15,000 then $500 below this would be $14,500. Thus the probability you would want to find is P(x < 14,500).



Please read all info.

-I attached wk2 (use the data that is WITHOUT the supercar)

-WK4 is the actual assignment

-2 attachments are notes. One is a step by step.

**Ill send the classmates once the initial work is done and submitted