Give a BRIEF summary of the book
Tell me your opinion.  Did you enjoy it?  Was it well written?  Would you recommend it to others?
Focus on ONE psychological disorder discussed in the book. Typically, this will be the disorder of the main character, but it can be one of a different character (for example, a parent, spouse, etc).  If the author does not name the disorder directly, then tell me what you believe is the probably DSM 5 diagnosis for the charcter.
Do you think this character actually has the disorder the author claims based on DSM 5 criteria?  In your paper, outline the criteria, the patient’s symptoms, and how the symptoms meet the criteria.  If there is information missing, indicate what additional information is needed to make the diagnosis.
What are the likely causes for this character’s disorder?
What, if any, treatments were discussed in the book.  Are these effective treatment choices based on the research presented in our book?
If NO treatments are discussed, but did you learn in class would be good choices?
Did the author do a good job portraying the disorder?  Did he or she present an accurate picture?