Contemporary Journalism

Story Proposal Guide

Your story proposal should contain the following items:

A draft lead that tells the central point of the story. It’s a sentence that’s under 40 words.

Story Outline
Major Sections: Include information needed for each of the sections and answer each question in order below:
What is the news?
What is the impact? (What does the news mean?)
What is the context?
What is the scope? How many people does it affect, how wide is the issue or solution?
What is the edge? (What will happen next?)
List interviewees (3+)
Other information sources
Include a Schedule

Order of interviewees, interview preparation
Background research
Deadlines for conducting interviews
Event attendance?
Analyze, synthesize notes, research and interview materials
Draft of story, find missing information
Editing, revising story
Story Due ____________________

this is for a college student paper –pick a topic that is exciting for college students to read for example – covid / covid vaccine mandates for students

find actual interviewers who stated how they feel about this

300 words

notes to help:

News: What is new? What happened?

Impact: How is anything affected?

Context: What is the background of the news?

Scope: How many people are affected or how much? Is it statewide, regionally or nationally?

Edge: What happens next with the story?