This assignment explores Strategic International Business Management. There is also a description of Staff training on Environmental Sustainability. So, you are not expected to understand and discuss redundancy or consultation

Strategic International Business Management – Staff training on Environmental Sustainability

Assessment task details and instructions For this task you should consider yourself a management consultant who has been recruited by a company (see the case detailed below) to advise them on how to implement a planned change. TASK A) Read the case study below: SAR Health Services (SARHS) are part of a multi-national enterprise based in Switzerland. They supply sophisticated diagnostic equipment to hospitals across Europe and have recently entered new marks in Asia. SARHS’s relationship with its customers is based on high trust, high quality products and in Europe on 24/7 servicing.

The company employs around 3000 staff, consisting of technicians, production, office staff (sales, marketing, distribution) managers and drivers. SARHS puts particular emphasis on environmental education through staff training and induction. So, New staff receive a half-day session on sustainability. In addition, monthly departmental meetings in head office include a ‘green slot’ where updates and activities regarding environmental sustainability are discussed. 

Strategic International Business Management – Staff training on Environmental Sustainability

You  not expected to understand and discuss redundancy or consultation. B. Write a management report of 3,000 words (plus or minus 10%, not including the reference list) which draws on theory and addresses the following: Firstly,  Identify the factors that the management team might wish to consider before going ahead with their plan. (30 marks). Secondly,  identify and discuss the people management issues that the management team are likely to face in implementing the plan, explaining the reasons for this. (30 marks). Thirdly, develop and justify recommendations as to how to proceed with this project. (30 marks)

Fourthly,  identify the factors that the organisation may need to consider in order to build its change capability. (10 marks) Total =100 marks Assessed intended learning outcomes On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to: Knowledge and Understanding 1. Analyse effective change management in organisations. 2. Understand theories relating to motivation and/or leadership. So, critically evaluating how organisations put them into practice. Besides, Promote a professional and ethical approach to organisations.

Detailed Instructions


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