The assignment explores Strategic Management in Business. Also, there is an analysis of Role of Environment. So, develop critical evaluation and digital skills through the application of theoretical knowledge.

Strategic Management in Business – Role of Environmental Analysis

The following learning outcomes for the module are applicable to this assignment. Critically evaluate assessment practices in a range of educational contexts, including your own, and analyse these in order to inform and enhance practice. Evaluate the validity and reliability of different assessment forms (including e-assessment methods) and the appropriacy of their use for the stated purposes in a given educational context, identifying their advantages and shortcomings. Explain the relationship between assessment, feedback, learning and instruction both generally and in the context of your own teaching practice and context.

Strategic Management in Business – Role of Environmental Analysis

This case study outlines the introduction and use of VLE e-assessment at an International Pre-Master’s Year. Compulsory subject module in Strategic Management. The module was developed as a result of an annual Programme Curriculum Review where a decision was made to introduce formative and summative digital assessment and feedback elements in this academic subject module in order to improve student experience and employment prospects via enhancing learners’ digital skills. This module aims to provide students with an overview of the theory and practice of strategic management in business (and related) contexts, to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts and principles of strategy/strategic management and encourage critical evaluation of how they impact organisations at corporate.

Strategic Management in Business – Role of Environmental Analysis

Business and operational levels. To provide opportunities for students to practise and develop critical evaluation and digital skills through the application of theoretical knowledge to real-world business contexts and to identify and appraise strategic management in action. Upon successful completion of this module, students should be able to demonstrate achievement of the following learning outcomes:

Module Learning Outcome. Firstly, exemplify and explain key concepts in the field and appraise the role and significance of these factors in the business context. Secondly, explain how theory informs the stages involved in the strategic management process. Also, evaluate how certain factors influence an organisation’s strategy. Explain and critically appraise how strategic decisions might impact various levels of an organisation. Additionally, explain and critically appraise the role of environmental analysis. Innovation, entrepreneurship and business ethics in the development of strategy.

  • Critically appraise the strategic choices of a range of different business organisations with reference to relevant sources.
  • Detailed Instructions


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