The assignment talks about Strategic Project Management Benefit. Also, there is an analysis of Crime and society. So, illustrate your concepts and discoveries.

Strategic Project Management Benefit – Crime and society Analysis

Your Final Capstone Project submission must professionally prepared and free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. Use tables, matrices, graphs, or other visual supplements, as well as the degree of reliance upon statistical data. etc., to help illustrate your concepts and discoveries. The final Capstone Paper should be 4000-5000 words in length (equivalent to approximately 16-20 typed pages not including title page or references). Clearly label all your sections so that the instructor knows exactly which topics you are addressing in your paper. You required to include at least five (5) credible references. At a minimum it should include the following: – Title page – Abstract (a summary of your paper) –

Strategic Project Management Benefit – Crime and society Analysis

Introduction – Statement of the issues being explored – Literature review – Description of the investigative tools used (e.g., deliverables, data analyses, surveys, observations, interviews, etc.) – Discussion of findings and recommendations/solutions for problem – investigated – Bibliography (Reference Section) – Appendices as appropriate. The approach intervenes to explain why there no displacements and different ways to break down the chances of crime.

Strategic Project Management Benefit – Crime and society Analysis

A list of possible recommendation alternatives

1.      Crime a societal issue, and It takes place in a social setting; it affects society and should addressed from a societal level.

2.      The justice system meant to serve the public. The organization should subject to the constitution and the set rules.

3.      Criminal offenses should not always end up in lawsuits because there are dialogues that can traverse, especially when the crime impulsive.

4.      Men in Uniforms can have a good rapport with the residents of the areas they have set surveillance and appointed to cater for.

5.      Lastly, crimes are avoidable, for instance, being vigilant to personal possessions and making sure there are no opportunities for a crime perpetrator to execute their plans.

Strategic Project Management Benefit – Crime and society Analysis

Delineation of the recommended actions

Humans are social beings, and, in their existence, they live in a society where there are interactions; thus, conflicts are inevitable. My suggestion would be curbing the criminal growth from their grassroots. It is clear that significant amounts of crime are associated with poverty, low-self-esteem, parental neglect, alcohol, and drug abuse are some of the factors that promote criminal activities in society (Canter & Youngs, 2016). Some people are brought up by parents who are criminals and thus being in such an environment all their life (though not necessarily all children will blend into such trends). The administrative forces can address such factors through the provision of job opportunities.

Detailed Instructions


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