This assignment focuses on Structure and operating theory. There is also a description of NGO’s Development in Nicaragua. So, include Ethical consideration in Nicaragua in comparison to the United States.

Structure and operating theory : NGO’s Development in Nicaragua

Firstly, Read the interview and

Besides, Your report should include the following:

0.      Introduction

Firstly,       Aim

Secondly,   A brief description of the organization including the structure and operating “theory. “Then,  apply two theories

Thirdly, the definition of NGO’s

Fourthly, the organization is in Managua Nicaragua. Also, Give a brief description of the countries NGO’s

Fifth,   NGO’s Development in Nicaragua and the issues they have.

Sixth, Welfare policies and socio-economic in Nicaragua

Seventh, analytical perspective


Structure and operating theory : NGO’s Development in Nicaragua

9.     Additionally,  Ethical consideration in Nicaragua in comparison to the United States

10.  A personal statement of your own view of organizations and operating philosophy. Also,  that will likely guide your assessment and recommendations.

11.Also,   An assessment of the identified problem using data and feedback from the agency. Besides,include the stated problem as well as your personal assessment of the problem. So,  (they may or may not match).

12.  A review of the literature addressing the best practices surrounding this problem.

13. Then,  A summary of practical recommendations for the organization to implement also  based on the data and literature.

14.  A one-page action plan for the administrator to follow to implement your recommendations.

15. Additionally,   Utilize interview portion

16. Every question should be a heading then expand on every answer.

17. AAdditionally,  Things to think about as you also  expand on your answer from the interview

Firstly, Introduction briefly describing the assignment and the administrator’s agency.

Secondly, Administrator’s background (Question 1).

Thirdly, Moving up the administration ladder from first to current job (Questions 2-3)

Administrator’s theory of administration and how it guides their work (Question 4)

Then,Handling all the tasks! (Question 5)

More so  Motivation and Joy in the work (Question 6)

Administrator’s professional growth (Question 7)

Organization’s greatest challenge and how planning on improving? (Question 8). Then, USE THIS TO SET UP THE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PAPER!

Additionally, Organization’s Change efforts (Question 9)

Finally, Social Justice, diversity, and inclusion accomplishments? (Question 10)

Detailed Instructions


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