Here’s the overall instructions

A Summary and Reflection (Submit a .docx file using this link)

After reading about the scientific method, please write a reflection in which you acknowledge your initial or past reaction to the scientific method and how science works. Go beyond the basic ideas and think more deeply about how you engage with the scientific method or how it affects your life. Make sure to clearly incorporate the material in this folder. This should be 1000+ words long.

A good reflection:

demonstrates critical, self-reflective thinking (most important).
is honest
is for you (i.e., consider yourself the audience, the writing quality should still be high)
does not pander to the professor (i.e. don’t say what you think I want to hear, this is an easy way to receive a low grade)
Some questions you might consider in your reflection (feel free to use some/none/all of these):

Did you fully understand the scientific method prior to the provided materials?
Do you view the scientific method as significant for your life?

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