Sunnyvale Clinic Visit Forecast and Start-Up Costs

In this assignment, you need to prepare the following information:

Using the information for your assigned option(Primary Care Clinic), calculate the patient visits for the next three years and prepare a line chart (See embedded Final Project file). The line chart should include a chart title, the X and Y-axis title, and the projected patient visits forecasted.
Assuming the renovation cost is $100 per square foot, estimate the construction cost for the new clinic site [$100 times the square footage]. Assume the renovation will take three months and you need to prepare the budget for the renovation, including the three months of rent. What is the cost of the renovation and three months of rent? Show all work.
Using the Final Project Assumptions Template Download Final Project Assumptions Template, estimate the start-up costs for the clinic. Start-up costs include the renovations, rent during renovation, and capital costs.