Superhero movies as the cultureartifact

“You will compose an argumentative essay where you make a specific claim and provide evidence about various social, historical, and cultural factors that influence your artifact by consulting a variety of scholarly and popular sources.” 3academic sources & 3 popular sources

Quick Response

Superheroes have contributed significantly to shaping the culture and behavior in society. The characters demonstrate significant and diverse skills to fight evil and promote justice in society. The society is influenced by the actions and dedication of the superheroes in standing for justice despite being hurt and bruised in the process(Saemann, 2011). The superheroes such as the Black Widow in Marvel has shown inspiration to the girls and other ladies who wish to stand against oppression and discrimination. The superheroes can also be thought as icons of hope in the society where they restore the faith in the ability of the population to stand for a cause. They also demonstrate that patience and strategy are rewarding…

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