Submit a complete formatted survey form, assigning a unique identification number to each item (there can be subnumbers or lettering).

Develop the Instrument section of your chapter. Begin with an overview of the survey that includes information about the number of items, type of items (e.g., Likert scale, numerical rating scale, open-ended), response format (e.g., 7-point response scale), whether items form a subscale, index, scale, or evaluated individually. And, a brief mention of the mode of data collection to be used in your survey. It should include a discussion of the following:

1. Your research questions and the identification numbers of the items in your survey that will be used to answer each question. This may be best presented as a table. This may eventually appear as an appendix in your final document so be sure that you have sufficient explanatory text so that the reader can visualize how the survey data will be used to answer the research questions.

2. If there are items in the survey not used to answer any of the research questions, a brief explanation of why they are included.

3. The source of, and rationale for, items adopted from existing instruments, or conversely, how you searched for appropriate existing items and why you chose not to use them.

For each existing instrument from which you drew items, list the instrument, author, and the identification numbers of items in your survey that were drawn from the existing instrument.

Think carefully as you construct each item in the survey form, trying to take advantage of all the advice in the prior two sessions on creating good items and avoiding bad ones. After writing the items, check each against that advice and revise it as appropriate. Think carefully about organizing questions with sections, provide brief instructions for each section, and ordering the sections. The layout should be inviting and professional looking. It also should be selected to minimize recording errors and subsequent keying errors. The submitted survey form should look approximately like what you would plan to duplicate and distribute. For planned Web surveys, you may submit either a mock-up of the Web page (as a Word file) or the draft Web page (as an html file).

If you are using an existing survey you will provide much of the same information. However, be sure that you are compliant with copyright laws.

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