This assignment focuses on Swedish Daddies case analysis. There is also Describing of  the ethical dilemma. So, can paid parental leave make sense from a business point of view?

Swedish Daddies case analysis-Describing the ethical dilemma

Short Paper: Swedish Daddies

The ability to take time off with a new baby, foster child or adopted child without fear of losing your job is important. Many organizations today now recognize that employees should not have to make a choice between focusing solely on their career or having children and building a family. This requires integration of work and family roles. No employee should lose momentum in their career because of the necessity of taking time out of the workforce for a biological child, adopted child or foster child placement. This activity asks that you explore the legal and ethical implications of work/family integration.

Begin by reading Case 9.5: Swedish Daddies on pages 360-362 of your textbook.

Next, read and reflect upon the following in preparation for composing a case analysis:

·         Should special organizational arrangements be made for workers who wish to combine career and child rearing? If so, identify the steps that companies can take to accommodate parental needs more effectively.

·         Does a firm have an obligation to give employees the flexibility to work out the particular balance of career and family that is right for them? Or does this go beyond the social responsibilities of business?

Swedish Daddies case analysis-Describing the ethical dilemma

·         Can paid parental leave make sense from a business point of view?

         Can paid parental leave make business sense if viewed through the lens of an ethical theory or theories?

·         Consider the need to create an organizational policy to address this issue. Also, What would a policy need to look like to support your view of the ethical situation?

Then, develop your case analysis using the following five sections:

Section 1: Introduction and situational analysis. Besides, describe the ethical dilemma, giving appropriate background information. 

Detailed Instructions


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