This assignment focuses on System Inputs & Outputs . There is also a description of developing a design prototype. So, create a report that management would find valuable to analyzing how their business is running.


System Inputs & Outputs : developing a design prototype

M3 Term Project – System Inputs & Outputs (MS #4) — Due Week 9

Milestone #4 – Tasks


Following the decision to use an in-house team to develop a design prototype, Susan began to work on the physical design for Personal Trainer’s new information system. At this stage, she is ready to begin working with Gray on the output and user interface design. Together, Susan and Gray will seek to develop a user-centered design that is easy to learn and use. Personal Trainer users will include managers, fitness instructors, support staff, and members themselves.


  1. For the prototype user interface, design a switchboard that leads from main sections to subsections of related system tasks. The main sections may include member information, registration, payments, fitness instructors, and any other top-level sections necessary for Personal Trainer’s system. Subsections may include account information, class registration, schedules, and class rosters. Prepare storyboards that show the proposed screens, including at least two sublevel tasks for each action.

System Inputs & Outputs : developing a design prototype

2. Members need to be able to register for classes online. Follow the guidelines and suggestions in this chapter, and design an online class registration screen form.

3. Some of the reports that they are hoping to see from the new system include their renewals, membership churn analysis and new member signups by month. Create a report that management would find valuable to analyzing how their business is running. 

The screens and reports can be created in Visio, Access, Word, Excel or other tools. Please make sure if you are using something other than those 4 that you submit it in a format I can open. even an image file of your work would be fine.

Submit all of these tasks in one document or a set of documents zipped together into one file.

Detailed Instructions

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